Edgewound (4-9/16" DIA)

Edgewound (2-1/16" DIA)
Straight & Bent Terminals

Up to 1000 OHMS

Our Resistor Division

Kiczan Resistor Division can provide a wide range of resistors from Dynamic Brake Resistors to Wire Wound Resistors for your application.

The sturdy construction of the edgewound resistors assure reliable operation and low maintenance costs, and is thereby well adapted to the severe operating conditions encountered in the Mass Transit service.

Generally, the larger type resistor is applied to applications involving current values of more than 75 amperes and the smaller diameter on those involving lower current values.

All resistors can be supplied either as individual tubes or can be mounted in assemblies (as shown below). We currently only provide resistors for the Transportation Division of Bombardier.

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